Life Stories

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Life Stories is a profile of the stories of Friends of Mi Casita who wish to  share their experiences and open up their stories for others to reflect on.

All stories are written anonymously. The point is to share, to illustrate, to make sense of and not to judge. We hope you find it interesting.



LOST is the story of a Friend of Mi Casita who is torn between the ideas she has been taught as right and what she feels is right. At first glance, it reads like a stereotypical story about the Arab Muslim culture but if we read it and reflect on it, we recognise, no matter where we are from in the world, our experiences, our stories and our struggles between our conditioned beliefs and the world as we might wish it to be Read



SURVIVOR is the story of a Friend who had to move to southern Spain from her home in Germany as a teenager when her parents decided to head for the sun. It highlights the dilemmas of change and the challenges she faced.  In fact, they would go from bad to worse but her story captures the journey of ordinary men and women finding a way to live life on their terms…  Read


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