Inspirational Poetry

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Week 1: Phenomenal Woman

Week 2: This too shall pass

Week 3: One Art

Week 4: The Road Not Taken

Week 5: Mother to Son



Week 1: SAY YES

Week 2: My Name is Love

Week 3: She Walks in Beauty

Week 4: Fairies



Week 1: The Divine Image

Week 2: Be Thankful

Week 3: Our Deepest Fear

Week 4: Interview with God

Week 5: Peaceful Warrior



Week 1: It couldn’t be done

Week 2: Change your world

Week 3: Say I Am You

Week 4: Dear Father



Week 1: Don’t Quit

Week 2: Do not stand at my grave and weep

Week 3: Dance with the bandage torn off

Week 4: I’m Alive, I Believe In Everything


MONTH 1 2012

Week 1: The Invitation

Week 2: Desiderata

Week 3: Still I Rise

Week 4: IF

30th: The Lie

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