Peaceful Warrior by Janne Saar

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She looks at the stars
To find her way
She calls out to the angels
To have mercy on her judgment day

Still many mountains
She has to cross
Many deserts
Where she feels thirst

But every night in her dreams
She sees a golden apple on a tree
It looks so real, she reaches her hand
The dream collapses and around her is just sand

She wakes up, she feels so tired
There’s no giving up, only a desire
Peacefully she continues her way
She’s never felt so lost and there’s
No one but herself to blame

11 nights she has traveled
Not a soul on her way
She’s losing her mind and inner power
She feels like dying every day

The sun has burned her skin
The wind has damaged her sight
But the Peaceful Warrior within you
Still continues her fight


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