Hello Friends!

Image by linusb4 on SXC.hu

You may have arrived here after receiving an invitation from a member of Mi Casita, via a search engine or just from word of mouth. Whatever journey that brought you this far, you are very welcome.

Kosmo is simple a state of mind based on the treasures that are peace, love, happiness, wisdom and pure heartedness.

These concepts are elusive but we believe that for reasons we cannot completely fathom every individual, including the most damaged of us, senses what they feel like.

Kosmo is also the new world in the making, in which every woman, man and child trusts in their innate royalty – a royalty that comes from the inside out.

Kosmo is a choice. It cannot be forced. It cannot be bought. Nor can it be sold. This is the beauty of this new world. It must be earned and it is free to those who dare to think.

As we dare to go within to think and feel, we will find that these treasures of peace and love and happiness, wisdom and pure heartedness are already there, waiting to be discovered.

The sages throughout the ages have found that it is when we become kings of our own personal kingdoms that we truly get to know and experience the abundance that is the universe.

If you use this resource and if you come across any treasures, please enjoy them and share them with your friends. It is the future that is here – of giving, receiving and sharing. It is a way to grow, thrive and enjoy the drama that is our lives.

Please read some more about our four steps to change and if you like what you read, do join us on the journey of change.

Please send us any links, suggestions and content to help us improve our service to you. Just post them in any one of our Get in Touch boxes .

Enjoy! Think Change…Feel it! Do it! Serve!

Lots of love from all of us at Mi Casita.


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